Swim Team

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2020 UPDATE: 

Our regular Swim Team season will unfortunately be cancelled this summer, but our summer “training” sessions will be held Monday through Friday mornings starting June 22nd. At this point, these sessions will only be available for registered swim team members ages 9 and over. Numbers, session duration and policy are subject to change as the summer progresses and we anticipate being able to offer these sessions through the end of July or early August. 

We will begin with 12 swimmers per session (2 per lane) via sign up by age group: 

8-8:30 AM, 9-10
8:30-9 AM, 11 and up
9-9:30 AM, 11 and up 

Based on current sign ups, we have decided to increase the limit on advance sign ups to 3 per week (per swimmer) and encourage you (or your swimmer) to return each morning after 7 AM for unlimited same day sign up if openings remain for that day. 

*Swimmers only on deck – drop off/pick up only
*No hanging out on deck once session ends
*Pool and baby pool will not be open for use
*Please do not sign up if your swimmer/s have symptoms or has come into contact with someone with symptoms of COVID-19


If you have any questions, you can contact Swim Team Rep Colleen Armentrout @ swimteam@newsherwoodpool.com.