Tony Joyner Bio

Hello New Sherwood members,

I am excited to start my third summer as water aerobics instructor at our pool. Last June, my family bought a home in the neighborhood.  Elisabeth, our three children, and I are all looking forward to being close to the club.

For twenty one years, I have been Personal Training while enjoying the many friendships made along the way.  This includes training one on one and in small group boot camps. Since 1998, I have trained at the William G. White (Central) YMCA and the Robinhood YMCA from its opening. I also train at Crossfit Amplitude. Last June, I joined the clinical staff in the Bariatric Surgical Center for WFUBMC.

Young and old and all fitness levels (or no fitness level), come join us at the pool on Monday and Wednesday nights at 8 o’clock. It is low impact and great for your body. It’s always fun and I look forward to seeing you there often!

Tony Joyner