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Association Memberships: The Sherwood Association includes residents who reside in the following areas: Lytchfield, The Villas, Sherwood Hills, Hills IV, Hills V, Camelot, Shelburne Village, and the Single-Family Home section. Membership to the New Sherwood Pool and Tennis Club is available at any time to these residents who are current dues paying members. “Association” rates apply. For membership rates, refer to 2024 NSPT Fee Schedule.

Neighborhood Membership: Members who reside in the area bounded by Muddy Creek to the west, North Peace Haven Road to the east, Mountain View Road to the south, and Millhaven Road to the north are given the designation of Neighborhood and will be given priority for renewing applications for the new swim season. Neighborhood members who fail to renew before the Affiliate applications are released in April may lose their space when membership becomes first come first serve. “Neighborhood” rates apply. For membership rates, refer to 2024 NSPT Fee Schedule.

Associate or Affiliate members in 2023 are included in the Neighborhood Membership category for 2024 and going forward as long as membership is maintained year-to-year.

Affiliate Membership: Available as space permits to anyone who has never been a member at New Sherwood Pool and Tennis or has let their membership lapse one year or more. Anyone that resides in the surrounding area(s) as designated by the Pool Committee and approved by the board can apply. Affiliate applications will be released in April at a date to be determined each year and all applications are first come first serve. “Affiliate” rates apply. For membership rates, refer to 2024 NSPT Fee Schedule.

Caregiver Membership: Caregivers may be added to a family membership for a Caregiver Fee, this fee will cover up to two (2) designated caregivers. Caregiver is defined as someone who is aiding in childcare or providing childcare and does not live in the household. For membership rates, refer to 2024 NSPT Fee Schedule.

Limited Guest Status: Residents of the membership area are encouraged to join the pool and therefore, will be limited to attend as guests of a member for a maximum of twelve (12) visits per season. NO GUESTS OR BABYSITERS (NOT DESIGNATED AS “CAREGIVERS”) WILL BE PERMITTED IF THE POOL IS OPERATING UNDER COVID RESTRICTIONS. For membership rates, refer to 2024 NSPT Fee Schedule.

Association Member Temporary Pass: Sherwood Association members only may obtain a Temporary Pass by contacting the Pool Committee. Members are required to sign a waiver and adhere to all Pool Rules. Instructions on issuance and use of the pass will be communicated to the Member. These passes are available on a per week or per day basis. Pass may also be obtained for use of non-pool amenities during off season. NO GUESTS OR CAREGIVERS WILL BE PERMITTED IF THE POOL IS OPERATING UNDER COVID RESTRICTIONS. For membership rates, refer to 2024 NSPT Fee Schedule.

Tennis/Pickleball Only Membership: Available to those residents, eligible to join, for an annual fee. Privileges include access to court side activities only. No pool access or activities are allowed. No rate discounts apply. For membership rates, 2024 NSPT Fee Schedule. Please refer to the Tennis page for more information.

Adult Swimming Membership: Available to those adults (age 21 and over), eligible to join the pool. Privileges include:
1) access to the pool for lap swimming only between the hours of 6am and 8am, daily (swim at your own risk – no lifeguard on duty) and/or
2) access to the pool for water aerobics as offered throughout the season.

Additionally, Adult Members can add their minor children to their membership for swim team only (Additional fees apply) or Tennis/Pickleball. This allows minor children an opportunity to swim for the New Sherwood Stingrays for the 2024 season. Minor children are allowed to participate in all swim team sanctioned functions (practice, meets, and parties).

Minor children must leave the pool immediately after swim practice/events ends.

No pool access or activities are allowed for any member under this membership during normal operating hours unless accompanied by a full member as a paying guest or as a part of a swim team sanctioned function.

If including minor children to access only the playground and Tennis/Pickleball courts, please review the Tennis/Pickleball membership and rules. Non-adherence to above rules will result in the loss of privileges and forfeiture of your deposit. For membership rates, refer to 2024 NSPT Fee Schedule.

Lifeguard Membership: Lifeguards are permitted access to the pool when off duty, but cannot bring guests (ex: in town, out of town, friends or family) unless this lifeguard is also a member of the pool, and then Guest Fees apply. No lifeguards are permitted to bring guests to the pool when on duty.

Family Membership: Family Membership includes household members including children and step-children under the age of 23. Children over the age of 22, grandparents, in-laws, ex-spouses, and other related and non-related persons are not included in the Membership. However, such excluded children over the age of 22 may be added for an additional fee. The same rationale applies to a Couple Membership for children/step-children over the age of 22. It does not apply to other categories. Exclusions include children with adult children with special needs. For membership rates, refer to 2024 NSPT Fee Schedule.

Couple Membership: Couples can include two partners, spouses, one adult member and a child/step-child/grandchild, etc., age 22 and under. Couples with a single child under three may apply for a Couples Membership rather than Family Membership. If there are additional children over two, the Family Membership rule applies. For membership rates, refer to 2024 NSPT Fee Schedule.

Outstanding Fees/Dues/Other Financial Obligations: Any member or family member who has an outstanding financial obligation to NSPT and has not fulfilled that obligation, shall have their access to NSPT suspended until such time as the obligation has been satisfied. An obligation by any one member of a membership unit (family) suspends access to the entire membership unit.

Additionally, any HOA member who is delinquent in their Fees and/or Dues to the Sherwood Association shall have the membership unit access suspended until such time as the delinquency has been satisfied. This is in accordance with the Sherwood Association Declarations & Covenants.

Rule Acceptance: By completing and submitting an Application for Membership to NSPT, the member and their membership unit, is accepting and agreeing to abide by the Rules as stated on the NSPT website. Failure to do so shall result in the suspension of membership access to NSPT and forfeiture of membership fees paid.