Membership Information

Association Memberships: The Sherwood Association includes residents who reside in the following areas: Sherwood Lytchfield, The Villas, Sherwood Hills, Hills IV, Hills V, Camelot, Shelburne Village, and the Single Family Home section. Membership to the New Sherwood pool and Tennis Club are available at any time to these residents who are current dues paying members. “Association” rates apply. Cost: Courtside $85, Single $260, Couple  $350, Household/Family $450

Associate Memberships: New as of 2020: All Pool Members who were not in Association or HOA of the previous year are given the designation of Associate and will be given priority for renewing applications for the new swim season. Members who fail to renew before the end of the early deadline can lose their space as membership then becomes first come first serve. “Associate” rates apply. Cost – early sign up: Courtside $85, Single $355, Couple $505, Family $555. Cost after early deadline sign up: increases approximately 10%. 

Affiliate Memberships: New as of 2020: Available as space permits to anyone who has never been a member at New Sherwood Pool and Tennis or has let their membership lapse one year or more. Anyone can apply that resides in the surrounding area(s) as designated by the Pool Committee and approved by the board may apply. Current Memberships are given a priority over new applications. The application window starts in April at a date to be determined each year and all applications are first come first serve. “Affiliate” rates apply.. Cost – early sign up: Courtside $85, Single $355, Couple $505, Family $555. Cost after early sign up: increases approximately 10%

Limited Guest Status: Residents of the membership area are encouraged to join the pool and therefore, will be limited to attend as guests of a member for a maximum of twelve visits (12) per season.

Association Member Temporary Pass: Sherwood Association (HOA) members who wish to use the pool only when out-of-town grandchildren/family are visiting can obtain a “temporary pass” by contacting Paragon Properties to sign a waiver and pay for passes. These passes are available for $50/week or $10/day. Passes must be presented to pool staff upon arrival and members are expected to know and adhere to all pool rules. Passes are not transferable and proof of identity may be required at sign in. Passes may also be obtained for use of non-pool amenities during the off-season. Temporary passes are limited to 4 weekly passes per calendar year, or 6 day passes per calendar year. 

Courtside/Tennis Only Membership: Available to those residents, eligible to join, for an annual fee of $85.00 per family. Privileges include access to court side activities only. No pool access or activities are allowed. No rate discounts apply.


To request a membership packet, please email